Soul Guidance and Energetic Realignment

Remote sessions with Carly are a synthesis of intuitive soul guidance and multi-dimensional healing which has crystal realignment at the heart of it. Crystals are a wonderful way to support your unfoldment. Their light, colour, beauty and perfect geometric forms assist you in balancing all aspects of your being. When you consciously entrain with their resonance they can teach us to live in harmony, love and trust. Crystal healing is a profoundly transformational tool that awakens you to your full soul potential. Activating and awakening your DNA, to move you beyond fear and separation. Supporting you in experiencing yourself as a Divine Human-  the light, love and divine magnificence that is you.

During a remote session Carly will create a sacred space, so the soul is free to intuitively guide her. Within this space the energy is held steady, supporting the personality to be open and responsive to soul wisdom and insight through divine timing. Everything will happen at the precise moment, when in alignment with the highest and best good of all concerned. Which maybe a different time frame from what the personality desires.
Based on the guidance and insight received Carly may use esoteric healing, evolved soul healing, vibrational essences, subtle aromatherapy, crystalline nutrition, DNA reprogramming, and holographic repatterning, to name but a few. Throughout the session, you will be held within a sacred space, supported and nurtured to find your own healthy harmonic.

Carly will align you with the field of infinite potential. She will weave in frequencies as required to facilitate equilibrium and harmony within the physical/etheric, emotional and mental bodies. Interacting with the DNA, energetic bodies and light body. Connecting you to your unique gifts and talents, to embody them within your being and manifest them into your reality. You will become an empowered co-creator of your reality, embodying your highest vision of yourself.
Experiencing yourself as whole and complete. From a place of wholeness, you can cultivate gratitude for the present moment. Empowering you to see the light, the beauty, the love that is you. Awakening you to soul power, love and wisdom.

A remote session is a unique loving healing that can create more balance, harmony & flow in your everyday life! Supporting you through your journey of enlightenment, spiritual growth and evolution. Experience your intuitive skills developing and becoming a part of your daily life. Experience a growing conscious connection & communication with your soul. Be lovingly supported and nurtured as you constantly move to the next level of your self-mastery, shifting your frequency and consciousness with as much grace and ease as possible.

We all have the innate ability to self-heal and this requires self-initiation. Booking yourself a session indicates to the soul you are ready and receptive for deep and enduring healing and awareness to manifest. Through personal responsibility the soul and personality align, and transmutation takes place. The soul can then fully express itself in one’s life.
As you fully anchor the session and consciously reflect upon the guidance given, you may begin to experience shifts and changes within you and your life. Enabling you to manage and monitor your own energy and daily equilibrium. Your sense of inner soul connection may deepen, as you embrace your essence and step into the joyful expression of the soul.


Feedback from the session will be emailed to you, for you to reflect upon. Please allow up to two weeks to receive the feedback from your session.


The cost of a session is £45


To book a remote session please follow the link below.

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