Confidence Altar

My altar is a constantly evolving space. Today this sacred space serves as a physical embodiment of my intention for self-confidence. Every facet is significant. Adorning the altar I have: *Crystals – Earth – represents the physicality of one’s life * Smokey Fluorite – encourages grounding whilst stimulating one’s higher energies into a state of… Read More Confidence Altar



When a coil is stretched beyond its limits, it either snaps or it loses its elasticity, becoming misshapen. If the coil is stretched within its capabilities it will spring back to its original form. Which in time results in durability. Lately, my body has been creaking and cracking like rickety floorboards. I feel as though… Read More Resilience



Vulnerable is the best term I can use to express how I have been feeling as of late. By giving our feelings a voice we can discover the latent need behind what we are experiencing. Opposed to drifting in and out of our feelings and potentially adding fuel to the fire. I invited vulnerability to… Read More Vulnerability