Elestial Soul

My life journey thus far….

I discovered from an early age that I had a unique gift for sensing subtle energies. I loved nature, collecting stones and rocks, talking to the plants and trees, and I had an affinity with animals (still afraid of spiders though). I was also fascinated with our humanness and how dis-ease, emotional trauma and mental anguish can affect us and how these can have unceasing consequences.

I am blessed with the ability to know, feel and see beyond the physical realm. However, these natural gifts were uncultivated as I was growing up and I struggled with being empathic. I suffered for many years from not knowing how to utilise these gifts. I experienced many painful dark nights of the soul and endured a broken heart, that I felt was beyond repair.
After several life-changing near death experiences, (unfortunately, I needed more than one to fully understand). I began to discern the keys to life’s struggles, pain and dis-ease and was propelled to transform these debilitating life patterns. Releasing the layers of fear, guilt and pain that were keeping me stuck and dimming my light.

In 2005 I began to pursue an array of holistic and spiritual courses, attending over a hundred workshops and courses, looking for answers. I was determined in my pursuit to find a teacher/therapist who could help me. In 2012 I realised I was looking to others to heal me and provide me with answers, instead of going within. This realisation was life transforming, I discovered through becoming quieter and more peaceful, that I could hear the guidance and wisdom of the soul.

I now acknowledge that every experience is an opportunity for the soul and personality to synthesise and that there is really nothing to heal. By embracing soul presence, we can break free from personality limitations. My intention is to be open to changes and know when to let go. Nothing is permanent, the soul is ever evolving.
I love to walk the path of self-knowing and hence, why I am committed to personal and energetic development. Each day as I observe and grow, it is my honour to pass on the love and encouragement…lighting the way for others.

Why Elestial Soul?
Elestial crystals have the ability to connect with one’s consciousness on all levels. Recalling the intuitive, love, and wisdom teachings of the soul, and integrating those teachings into the nervous systems, so that one exemplifies those teachings in thought, word and deed. Elestials help one to live from a compassionate, heart centred place.
The gifts that Elestials bestow, resonate deeply with my soul and parallel my journey. Thence the name Elesital Soul was born.

At present, I am focusing on remote sessions. Remote sessions are deep and insightful explorations of your life’s journey. They offer you an opportunity to expand your awareness in a gentle way and experience deep healing with an abundance of life force. All while releasing limiting programs and energy patterns, fears and belief systems that have long blocked your well-being and self-realisation. With the guidance of soul you gain clarity of your current circumstances, discover solutions or healing approaches from an awakened level of consciousness. Experience the true you, the beauty of the soul beyond the story. At the heart of your being, you are a bright light, you are LOVE.

May your path be filled with Love, Light and Power.