Confidence Altar

My altar is a constantly evolving space. Today this sacred space serves as a physical embodiment of my intention for self-confidence. Every facet is significant. Adorning the altar I have:

*Crystals – Earth – represents the physicality of one’s life

* Smokey Fluorite – encourages grounding whilst stimulating one’s higher energies into a state of openness
* Star Ruby – replenishes one’s life force
* Labordorite -creates a resonance between all aspects of one’s self
* Citrine – initiating one’s creative energy and will

* Affirmation – Sound – “I am constantly evolving and becoming more fulfilled by life”

*Feather – Wind – reminds one of who and what they truly are

*Tingshas – Storm – the most sacred and purifying force

*The Blank Rune – Touch – The Unknowable, The Divine Odin – The Rune of total trust, this is evidence of the most immediate contact with one’s own true Destiny

*Brazil Nuts – Taste/Nutrition – selenium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, thiamine, vitamin E, zinc, calcium, potassium, iron – anti-inflammatory, mood enhancer, antioxidant, increases HDL cholesterol, thyroid support, boosts the metabolism, fortifies the immune system, helps to form healthy bones, hormone regulator

* Candle – Fire – an incredible force of change and purification

*Archangel Raziel – Spirit – wisdom, knowledge and understanding

* Shell – Water – a powerful source of energy for the cleansing of the heart and emotions

* Grapefruit Essential Oil – Smell – improves one’s sense of self-worth, awakens the senses and instils inner strength and resilience

*63 Tree Vessel – Vision – Receptivity – brings forth new information and healing energy

I trust this blog post resonates with you and encourages you to tend to your altar or to create one. Please feel free to connect using any of the social network links below.

In Love, Light and Power,

Carly ♥