When a coil is stretched beyond its limits, it either snaps or it loses its elasticity, becoming misshapen. If the coil is stretched within its capabilities it will spring back to its original form. Which in time results in durability.

Lately, my body has been creaking and cracking like rickety floorboards. I feel as though I have cobbles perched on my shoulders. My head feels like it is in a vice. The physical body is communicating to me, to be fluid, be gentle and be kind. We can put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Pushing ourselves to the breaking point.

I have an inner strength and drive that at times exhibits itself as stubbornness. I have stubbornly continued to push my foot flat on the pedal whilst my body is saying, slow down, be still. Why do I overextend myself? This question unsettles me, notably in the abdomen, where the sensation of butterflies manifests. The words that reverberate from the wings of the butterflies are worth and joy. A well of emotion bubbles to the surface, the tension in my body begins to ooze away as the tears fall onto my cheeks.
I see an image of a Lotus flower and hear the words ‘I blossom with love and joy. Love is the nourishment I need to fulfil my greatness. With joy, I recognise my perfection.’

These simple yet profound images and words transformed my stagnate body and stifled mind, into a dynamic conduit with a vibrant perception. I will be persistent in my endeavours to embody confidence, yet aware I may vacillate to lack of self-worth.
Unfoldment is a journey, trust the process, be patient with yourself. Know that you have a tremendous capacity to make positive changes in your life.

In Love, Light and Power,

Carly ♥